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Four Reasons Your Home Has Not Sold

In a robust real estate market, most homes should go pending within a set window of time. A knowledgeable agent can easily provide the average time a home is available. If a home does not sell during that time, there are four common reasons the home is still on the market.

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Responsibility of Love

Plan for your future and protect the ones you love with insurance and retirement tools and solutions.

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What Generation X Needs to Focus on to Retire Successfully

If you’re a member of Generation X, chances are you may be feeling that “Reality Bites” when it comes to your retirement planning.

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Do you know your net worth? Here's how to figure it out.

What's your net worth? Even if you don't fly on private jets or play polo, this simple equation is an important tool that says a lot about your financial health. Still, most people don't bother to calculate it. That's a mistake.

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If you think a healthy lifestyle could prevent you from needing long-term care, think again.

Protect your retirement from long-term care expenses with affordable, flexible options beginning at age 40.

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